Are you in control of your customers?

The core of eFluent's software suite is customer relationship management, the heart and soul of any successful enterprise and the core of your business. Managing customers and their orders in an organized and systematic flow will separate you from the pack and enable your customer service to be run like a well oiled machine from day one.

As well as the basics which include the above mentioned, plus a whole lot more, we have thrown in a couple of out of the box custom widgets that only a seasoned ecommerce pro would be aware of:

  • 1

    Unique fraud detection protocol

  • 2

    Quantity, Cost and Availability data directly at the order level

  • 3

    Color coordinated overview of orders that are:

    • - Instock
    • - Partially instock
    • - Drop shippable
    • - Out of stock
  • 4

    Hover over order for sku title

The list of innovation goes on but what should be clear is eFluent's strong understanding and hands on experience in the real world of order flow management. We guarantee you that our software will empower you to concisely run and scale your business so that growth will be the only option your ecommerce venture will have.

Integrated Vendors

Doba DH Ingram Isource SED TechData

Supported Channels

Amazon Buy Ebay Overstock Sears Bing Google PriceGrabber Shop

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