Software theat grows with your business

Rome wasn't buit in a day, and the truth is your business is not much different. Nurture, patience, growth and lots of devotion are some of the ingredients needed to take any startup through the process to eventually becoming a full fledged business and ultimately a market leader. But you have got to start somewhere.

eFluent has devised a unique PAY-AS-YOU-GROW program that gives everyone the tools to make an entrance into the e-tailing world. No matter your size, we have a plan for you

Starting out with a few hundred sku's on 1 channel is a way to get your foot in the door and a feel for the industry. Once you have found your niche and have your bearings, growing is just a click away. eFluent has customization capabilities that allow you to dictate the pace, and can go from a couple of hundred sku's on one marketplace to unlimited sku's on all marketplaces, in a heartbeat. Slow and steady wins the race but you can always turbo-charge your business and then the sky's the limit

Integrated Vendors

Doba DH Ingram Isource SED TechData

Supported Channels

Amazon Buy Ebay Overstock Sears Bing Google PriceGrabber Shop

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