Putting the logic into logistics

What separates the eFluent logistic control management is the ability to customize your shipping flow to your exact needs and criteria. Not all companies are built the same and that means the way you ship and receive is unique to your company. Whether you ship a 300lb washing machine by a unique freight carrier or a 5lb headset with Endicia, eFluent has got the software to adapt to you

eFluent's Shipping software allows you to process your orders individually, batch process or both. This gives you the ability to take advantage of drop shipping whilst at the same time having full integration with your own warehouse pick, pack and ship process. Our software has failsafe protocol built in that will safeguard against double shipping.

Regardless of whom you use, UPS, Endicia, FedEx or a freight company you can rely on the automated shipping software built right in to eFluent. The arduous task of going into each carriers system to extract tracking information is a thing of the past. The automated weight calculation component makes light work of any order whether it is domestic or international, and at the end of every day your warehouse manager will have a complete break-down of the day's activities.

If you are a drop-shipper, shipping integration with your vendors is a key element to processing your order. Once you have set up your account with your vendor eFluent does the rest for you. Every order that comes in will give you the option to drop ship and will communicate with your vendors warehouse to get the right order out.

Integrated Vendors

Doba DH Ingram Isource SED TechData

Supported Channels

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