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The challenge of getting your products to market has evolved over the past decade. In 2000 people relied heavily on organic/paid search and eBay for their products to reach the consumers. However in the last five to seven years the landscape has evolved and now the choice of platforms from which to sell on is ever growing.

The main cause for concern in order to achieve success in this profitable marketing evolution, is being aware of all the technical specifications needed, in order to comply with the rules and integration process for each channel. eFluent's leading MCM software controls and manages your entire inventory so that even before you contemplate where to sell you have the peace of mind in the knowledge that whatever platform you choose you products will be able to seamlessly integrate.

Integrated Vendors

Doba DH Ingram Isource SED TechData

Supported Channels

Amazon Buy Ebay Overstock Sears Bing Google PriceGrabber Shop

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